How to Repair Pool Table Felt

It’s no secret that pool is a fun, challenging game. But fixing your pool table felt can be a daunting task, but it can be done relatively quickly with the right tools and instructions. This blog post will show you how to repair pool table felt using a few simple steps. Read on for more information.

How to Repair Pool Table Felt

Pool table felt is an essential part of the game because it provides a smooth surface for the balls to roll on. However, if the felt is damaged or worn down, it can affect the game’s play. That’s why it’s essential to repair the pool table felt as soon as possible if you notice any problems.

Summary: Repairing pool table felt is easy when you have the correct materials. Start by cleaning and sanding your pool table, then apply the new piece of felt. Make sure that it is properly centered and cut to fit perfectly before stapling it down. Afterward, leave it to dry and you can enjoy playing on a brand new pool table!

Tools and Supplies You’ll Need

  • Utility knife
  • Straight edge
  • Scissors
  • Seam ripper
  • Spray adhesive
  • Felt adhesive
  • Cloth tape measure
  • Double-sided tape

3 Methods to Follow on How to Repair Pool Table Felt

Methods 1: Get the Correct Materials.

First, you need to purchase a piece of felt that is as close to an exact match as possible to your existing felt. You also want to buy a bottle of contact cement and some clear plastic sheeting. Some people prefer using Aluminum Foil instead of clear plastic, but I think it seems more professional to use plastic. If you choose to use Aluminum Foil instead of plastic, be sure that you smooth out the foil after each step.

Methods 2: Clean and Sand Your Pool Table.

It is important to clean and sand the slate before applying the new felt onto your pool table. This will ensure that the adhesive will adhere correctly. You can use Murphy’s Oil Soap to clean the slate.

If you need to sand the felt on your table, then follow these steps:

1)  Ensure that all pockets are empty and the pockets and bolts are removed from your pool table

2)  Lay down newspaper or plastic sheeting over the slate. If using plastic, be sure it is secure to the slate and doesn’t have any wrinkles. Again, I recommend having a second person help you with this part of the process because it can be somewhat cumbersome to lay out the plastic and tape it down.

3)  Using a sanding block, apply a light amount of pressure as you sand the felt, going with the grain of the fabric so as not to damage the slate underneath. You can buy a sanding block anywhere that sells pool table supplies. I purchased mine from Amazon for about $10, but you can probably find one at your local pool hall.

Using a Sanding Block

You want to sand the felt just enough to smooth the surface again. If there are any stubborn stains, I recommend using Goof Off or some other strong solvent to get them out before sanding. Don’t apply too much pressure while sanding because this will tear the felt. If you want to know more about how to repair pool table felt, keep reading.

Methods 3: Apply the New Piece of Felt

Ensure that you are in a well-ventilated area while doing this step because contact cement has strong fumes. Also, make sure that none of the strips are damaged during this process. If they are, then cut them off and discard them before applying the adhesive to the table.

1) Apply a thin layer of contact cement adhesive to the slate around the area where you will put the new felt. Do not spread it all over the table, as you only need a very thin coating. Make sure that there is no puddling of glue anywhere on the table because this can cause bubbles in the finished product.

2)  Apply the new felt to the table very carefully so as not to stretch it out of shape. Ensure that you have all four sides straight and lined up properly before pressing down firmly on the felt. Take your time at this step because rushing will result in wrinkles and bubbles appearing in your finished product. Be sure that the felt is centered over the slate.

Apply the New Felt to the Table

3)  Carefully smooth down any wrinkles or bubbles in the new felt by using a roller carefully so as not to rupture the adhesive underneath. You want to roll across the entire area where you put your adhesive, making sure that there are no wrinkles or puddles of glue remaining.

4)  Allow the adhesive on your new felt to dry for at least 24 hours before you even attempt to play billiards on it. I recommend allowing it to dry for several days just to be safe unless you are in a super big hurry. Do not neglect this step, or you will end up with an unsightly mess on your table.

When rolling out the new felt, be careful not to use too much pressure, or else it will cause wrinkles in your product. If this happens, remove the adhesive from the slate and try again with a fresh piece of felt. If you’re not sure how to do this step, it’s better to ask for help than to risk injuring yourself.

Before I go any further, let me explain how to measure how much felt you need to purchase before going out and buying it. If you have a coin, you can use that as your reference point to how big the slate is on the bottom of your table. Place the coin over one of the side pockets and stretch the felt over to the other side. The amount of felt that covers half of your pool table is how much you will need to purchase. Of course, there are some problems that can arise with this method, but it works most of the time.

Before applying any adhesive to the slate, make sure that your measurements are correct. If you apply adhesive to the wrong area of the slate, you will end up with unsightly bubbles in your new piece of felt.

Make Sure That Measurements Are Correct

You can contact cement two pieces of felt together if necessary (i.e., when replacing corner pockets). Make sure that you do this sparingly on the very first step because it is difficult to pull apart.

If you’re trying to cut felt with a utility knife, don’t do it! The blade will slip because of the adhesive properties of the felt, and you’ll ruin your project. If this happens, you can just buy a new piece of cloth, since it won’t damage the slate.

I recommend using contact cement (available at most local hardware stores) to glue the new piece of the felt because it has a much stronger hold than fabric glue. However, if you would like to try fabric glue, go right ahead. Remember that you want to apply a thin layer of adhesive to your slate and not spread it all over the table, or bubbles will form in your new pool table cloth.

The final step is to allow your new felt to dry for 24 hours, and then you will be ready to play pool on it.

Repairing pool table cloth can be a challenge, but the results can be amazing if done properly! If you have any friends that are handy with tools, ask them how they did it so you can get their perspective. I also recommend watching how-to videos on YouTube to see how it’s done. Good luck and happy repairing! Keep reading for more information about how to repair pool table felt.

Frequently Asked Question

How Do You Fix Torn Felt on A Pool Table?

The felt on a pool table can become torn for many reasons. Fortunately, it can be repaired relatively easily. Here are the steps to do so:

  • Remove the tabletop from the table frame.
  • Lay the top out on a flat surface and identify the location of the tear.
  • Cut a piece of new felt slightly larger than the tear.
  • Apply a thin layer of contact cement to the back of the new felt.Apply a Thin Layer of Contact Cement
  • Place the new felt over the tear and press down firmly.
  • Let the contact cement dry completely before reassembling the tabletop to the table frame.

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Pool Table Refelted?

Pool table refelting can be a costly endeavor, but it is necessary to keep the table playing smoothly. The average cost to have a pool table refelted is around $200. However, that price may vary depending on the size and type of table and the location after that.

Is It Difficult to Refelt a Pool Table?

No, it is not challenging to refelt a pool table. Most people can do it themselves with a few simple steps. Here are the instructions:

1. Remove the tabletop from the table frame.

2. Lay the top out on a flat surface and identify the location of the tear.

3. Cut a piece of new felt slightly larger than the tear.

4. Apply a thin layer of contact cement to the back of the new felt.

5. Place the new felt over the tear and press down firmly.

6. Let the contact cement dry completely before reassembling the tabletop to the table frame.

What Kind of Glue Do do You Use to Put Felt on A Pool Table?

Contact cement is the best type of glue to use when putting felt on a pool table. It dries quickly and forms a strong bond necessary to keep the felt in place.

Can You Refelt a Cheap Pool Table?

While it is possible to refelt a cheap pool table, it may not be worth the effort. Cheap pool tables are often made of low-quality materials, making the job more difficult. It is best to replace a cheap pool table in most cases rather than attempt to repair it.

Can You Spray Paint the Pool Table Felt?

Yes, it is possible to spray paint the pool table felt. However, it is not recommended, as it may not provide a lasting seal and could eventually peel off. A better option is to use contact cement to attach a new piece of felt to the table.

Possible to Spray Paint

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Conclusion Paragraph

If you have a pool table and the felt looks a bit worse for wear, don’t worry – it can be repaired relatively easily. This blog post outlines the steps you need to take to fix your pool table cloth and get it looking as good as new. So, if your game is starting to suffer because of a dodgy playing surface, follow our guide and get that felt fixed up in no time! Thanks for reading our post about how to repair pool table felt.

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