How to Fix Curtain Rod Falling Out of Wall

If you’ve ever had a curtain rod fall out of the wall, you know how frustrating it can be. Luckily, an easy solution will fix the problem and keep your curtains looking beautiful. This article will show you how to fix curtain rod falling out of wall. Read on for more information!

How to Fix Curtain Rod Falling Out of Wall

The curtain rod is one of the essential components of your window treatment. It holds up your curtains, but it also helps create a neat and tidy appearance. However, if the curtain rod falls out of the wall, it can ruin the look of your window treatment and make it difficult to open and close your curtains. Many people think they need to call a professional to fix this problem, but it is quite easy to do yourself.

Summary: If you notice your curtain rod is slowly falling out of the wall, there are a few simple steps you can take to fix the issue. First, make sure the curtain rod is properly secured to the wall. Second, check to see if the curtain rod has any loose screws or nails. Lastly, replace the curtain rod if necessary.

Why Does My Curtain Rod Keeps Falling?

There are a few reasons why your curtain rod might be falling out of the wall. The first reason is that the screws you are using to install the rod aren’t long enough. Make sure you are using screws that are at least 3 inches long. If the screws you’re using aren’t long enough, they won’t be able to hold the weight of the curtain rod, and it will keep falling out of the wall.

Another reason your curtain rod might be falling out of the wall because you’re not using anchors to install it. Anchors can help provide extra support for your curtain rod, and they will help keep it in place. When installing the anchors, make sure you use a drill bit that’s slightly smaller than the anchor itself. This will help ensure that the anchor is securely in place.

If you’ve tried using longer screws and anchors and your curtain rod keeps falling out of the wall, it might be time to call a professional. A professional can help determine what’s causing your curtain rod to fall out of the wall, and they can provide a solution that will fix the problem.

What You’ll Need?

  • Curtain Rod
  • Drill Bit
  • Level
  • Pencil
  • Saw
  • Tape Measure
  • Wall Anchor

A Step by Step Guide on How to Fix Curtain Rod Falling Out of Wall

Step 1: Determine the Reason Why the Curtain Rod Fell Out of Wall

There are several reasons why a curtain rod might fall out of the wall. The most common reason is that the screws or anchors used to install the rod were not strong enough to hold it. Other causes include a poor installation job, a faulty rod, or a wall that has begun to crumble.

The curtain rod fell out and you need to find out why before you can fix it.

Step 2: Remove the Curtain Rod

If Curtain Rod Still Falling Then Remove It

If the curtain rod is still falling out of the wall, the next step is to remove it. This can be done by unscrewing the screws at each end of the rod. Once the screws are removed, you can pull the rod out of the hole. If there is any damage to the hole, you must fix it before putting the curtain rod back in place.

Step 3: Repair the Hole in the Wall

If the curtain rod is falling out of the wall because there is a hole in the wall, you will need to repair the hole. First, use a putty knife to fill the hole with spackle or joint compound. Then, use sandpaper to smooth out the area. If necessary, apply a second coat of spackle or joint compound and sand again. Once the area is smooth, paint over it to match the rest of the wall.

If the hole in the wall is large, you will need to first patch it with a piece of drywall. To do this, cut a piece of drywall to fit the hole, then use screws or nails to secure it to the wall. Finally, apply spackle or joint compound to the seams and sand smooth. Paint over the area to match the rest of the wall.

Step 4: Drill New Holes for the Curtain Rod

If your curtain rod is falling out of the wall because the holes are too big, you’ll need to drill new, smaller holes. First, remove the old curtain rod and measure how far apart the holes are. Then, using a drill and a bit that’s slightly smaller than the diameter of your screw, drill new holes in the wall at the same distance apart. If possible, be sure to drill into a stud to ensure that your new holes are secure.

If you want to put up a curtain rod but are worried about drilling straight holes, you can use wall anchors instead. First, drill a small hole in the wall. Then, put the wall anchor into the hole and screw it in. Once it’s tight, attach the curtain rod to the wall anchor.

Step 5: Reattach the Curtain Rod

Reattach the Curtain Rod to the Wall

Reattach the curtain rod to the wall once you’ve drilled new holes or installed wall anchors. This can be done by screwing the screws at each end of the rod. Make sure that the rod is level before tightening the screws. If necessary, use a level to help you ensure that the rod is straight.

If your curtain rod falls off, first check to see if the screws are tight. If they are, then try to level the rod. If that doesn’t work, try using a different type of screw or wall anchor.

With these steps, you should be able to fix a curtain rod that’s fallen out of the wall. By taking the time to repair the problem, you can prevent it from happening again. These steps will help in how to fix curtain rod falling out of wall.

You Can Check It Out To Fix Curtain Rod Pulled out Of Wall


  • If your curtain rod has fallen out of the wall, you can try to reattach it using screws and wall anchors.
  • Ensure that the screws are driven into a solid part of the wall, such as a stud, and that the wall anchors are correctly installed before attaching the curtain rod.
  • If possible, avoid hanging the curtain rod on drywall alone; instead, use a piece of wood or metal to distribute the weight more evenly.
  • Use caution when opening and closing curtains, as they may fall off the rod if it is not securely attached.
Try to Reattach Using Screws and Wall Anchors

If your curtain rod has fallen out of the wall, you can usually reattach it without too much trouble.

How to Prevent Curtain Rod From Falling Out of Wall?

If you have a curtain rod that keeps falling out of the wall, you can do a few things to prevent it.

One option is to use wall anchors. Wall anchors are small metal or plastic devices that screw into the wall and provide extra support for the curtain rod. Just screw the wall anchor into the wall where the screw hole for the curtain rod is located. Then, insert the screw for the curtain rod into the wall anchor. This will give the screw something to grip onto so it doesn’t fall out of the wall.

Another option is to use bigger screws. If you’re using small screws to hold up your curtain rod, it’s no wonder they keep falling out! Instead, try using screws that are at least 3/4″ long. This will provide more support and help keep the curtain rod in place.

You could also try using double-sided tape. If you don’t want to put holes in your walls, you can use double-sided tape to hold up the curtain rod. Put a strip of tape on the wall where you want to hang the curtain rod and then another strip on the back of the curtain rod. Press the two strips together to adhere to each other, and then hang the curtain rod on the wall. The double-sided tape will hold it in place.

If your curtain rod keeps falling out of the wall, you may need to consult a professional. There may be something wrong with the wall that needs to be fixed before you can hang your curtain rod. Again, a professional can help you identify and fix the problem.

How Much Weight Can a Tension Rod Hold?

One of the most common problems people have with tension rods is that they fall out of the wall. This is usually due to the weight of the curtains or drapes pulling on the rod. To fix this, you need to determine how much weight the tension rod can hold.

Most tension rods have a weight limit of around 15 pounds. If your curtains are heavier than this, you will need to use a different type of rod or install a support bracket to keep the rod in place.

If you use a tension rod with finials, make sure the finials are screwed on tightly. If they are not tight, they can loosen over time and cause the rod to fall out of the wall. If you are mounting a tension rod inside the window frame, make sure that there is enough room for the rod to fit comfortably and securely. When in doubt, it is always best to install the rod outside of the window frame.

Most Tension Rods Have a Weight Limit

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Curtain Rods Need to Be Hang on Studs?

While it is generally a good idea to hang curtains on studs, there are some cases where using curtain rods would be more appropriate. For instance, if the window is too high or wide for a rod to reach, or if the curtain fabric consists of heavy materials that would be difficult to support from a rod. In these cases, hanging curtains from rings at the top and bottom of the window can provide adequate coverage.

Why Do My Drywall Anchors Keep Pulling Out?

It’s because the metal coating on the anchor has worn off, exposing the wire. This can cause the metal to corrode and pull out the drywall. In some cases, the drywall may just be too weak to hold the anchor in place.

To prevent this from happening, you can either apply a coat of paint or sealant to the metal coating on your anchors or use a stronger anchor. You can also try using multiple anchors in different locations, or using anchors that are designed for heavier materials. If all of these options fail, you may need to replace the entire wall.

If you’re experiencing this problem on one particular wall, it’s worth taking a look at the wiring in that area to see if there’s anything causing interference. If there is, you may need to replace some of the wirings or have it professionally installed. In any case, it’s important to get your walls properly anchored so they don’t come tumbling down!

Do You Need Wall Anchor for Curtain Rod?

Wall anchors may not be necessary for all types of curtain rods, but they are a good idea if the rod is made from metal or wood. This type of anchor attaches to the wall using screws and then holds the curtain in place. They’re often used in commercial settings where curtains need to be maintained at a certain width or height, or when multiple panels are being hung vertically.

If you’re unsure whether or not you need wall anchors, it’s best to consult with an experienced professional. There are a variety of different models and sizes available on the market, so it’s important to find one that fits your needs and decorating style.

Do Curtain Rods Need Center Support?

While it is not necessary to support the curtain rod with center support, doing so can help to reduce the chance of damage or distortion. A weight-bearing structure like center support reduces tension on the entire curtain rod which helps to keep it stable and looking its best. Not only that, but it also adds an extra level of safety as you cannot accidentally pull on the curtains when they are partially closed.


If you are experiencing this issue, do not worry. There is a solution that does not involve calling a professional. All you need is a drill and some wood screws. Drill two pilot holes in the wall where the rod bracket meets the wall. The hole should be big enough for the head of the screw to fit into it. Screw in the wood screws until they are tight against the bracket. Your curtain rod should be securely fastened to your wall and will not fall out again. We hope you have gone through the article on how to fix curtain rod falling out of wall.

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