How to Fix Swimsuit Bottoms That Are Too Big

Every summer, thousands of women buy swimsuits that they never wear because the bottoms are too big. Swimsuit bottoms that are too big can be a major inconvenience and ruin your entire day at the beach or pool.

How to Fix Swimsuit Bottoms That Are Too Big

In this post, we will show you how to fix swimsuit bottoms that are too big without going out and buying a new suit. Swimsuit bottoms that are too big can be a hassle to fix, but they can be wearable again with a little bit of adjusting. Here are some tips on how to fix them.


This guide offers step-by-step instructions on how to fix swimsuit bottoms that are too big. Options include adding elastic bands to the waist, taking in the sides, getting a swimsuit belt, matching straps, adding a tie string and making a swimsuit halter.

Alternatively, one could resize the swimsuit bottoms or add a swimsuit cover-up. The last two options involve folding over and stitching the waistband or simply tying a knot. Following these steps should help achieve the desired fit for your swimsuit bottoms.

10 Ways on How to Fix Swimsuit Bottoms That Are Too Big

1. Adding Elastic Band to the Waist:

One of the first and easiest ways to fix swimsuit bottoms that are too big is to add an elastic band to the waist. This will help to tighten up the swimsuit bottoms and make them fit better.

It is important to add the band to your swimsuit bottom while it is still on the flat surface, instead of putting it on when you have already stepped into it and try pulling up from there. This could mess up the shape of your swimsuit bottom.

2. Taking in the Sides:

Sometimes, swimsuit bottoms that are too big could simply be related to the fact that they are too loose around the sides. If this is the case, you can alter it yourself at home using a needle and thread.

First, put on your swimming suit bottom while standing upright. Next, find the excess fabric on either side and pinch it together. This is where you will need to sew. Then, using a needle and thread, sew along this line repeatedly until it is sturdy enough.

3. A Swimsuit Belt:

Another way to fix swimsuit bottoms that are too big is to use a swimsuit belt. Simply search for one on any online marketplace or store that sells apparel and accessories. However, it may be best not to purchase too big of a belt because you will likely need to tie knots in the ends of your belt so that it can fit tightly around your waist.

Use a Swimsuit Belt

4. Get Matching Straps:

There are a few ways to fix swimsuit bottoms that are too big. One way is to get matching straps. To do this, you can go back to the store where you got your swimsuit and either ask them if they have other pieces in your size with similar colors or patterns or show them what piece of your suit is too big so they can help identify what size or style you are looking for. Another way to fix swimsuit bottoms that are too big is to sew or safety pin them in place.

Once you have identified what type of piece you are trying to find, they should be able to help you find other pieces in your size that have it.

5. Adding a Tie String:

Adding a tie string or drawstring around your waist will give you an even more customized fit than just using an elastic band around your waist and give you even more control over the tightness of your swimsuit.

To make your own swimsuit cover-up, start by finding a piece of fabric that matches your swimsuit. Cut the fabric into a long, thin strip, and then sew the two ends together to form a loop. Next, pull each end of the loop through the sides of your swimsuit waistband, and tie them together to secure.

6. Making a Swimsuit Halter:

Another way to fix swimsuit bottoms that are too big is to make a swimsuit halter. First, you need to cut off the straps of your swimming suit bottom up until where the elastic band starts. Then, either sew or safety pin together the top of your swimsuit. Next, take a piece of ribbon that matches the color of your swimsuit and tie it in a bow around your neck.

Make a Swimsuit Halter

7. Resizing the Swimsuit Bottoms:

Another way to fix swimsuit bottoms that are too big is to resize the swimsuit bottom. You will need a piece of string or ribbon and a needle and thread to do this. First, put it on your bottom while standing upright so that it fits comfortably around your waist without any slack in the fabric. Next, tie the string or ribbon around your waist and mark where it meets with the elastic band of your swimsuit bottom.

First, you need to mark where you want the swimsuit bottom to end. Then, cut off the excess fabric above this mark. Next, put it back on while standing upright again to see if more adjustments are necessary before making your final stitches. Finally, you should hem the ends of your swimsuit bottom by turning them under twice and stitching them in place or leaving them raw, which can be done by simply folding the edge under twice and either sewing or safety pinning the folds together.

8. Adding a Swimsuit Cover-Up:

Adding a swimsuit cover-up is another way to fix bottoms that are too big. To do this, you will need to find a lightweight shirt or dress that matches your swimming suit bottom or has the same colors and patterns as it does.

If your pool area, beach area, or cruise ship allows for it, wear this overtop your bathing suit with its bottom ending just above or at your knee. If this is not an option, wear the shirt with any bottoms that match its length with your swimming suit.

9. Fold Over and Stitch the Waistband:

Another way to fix swimsuit bottoms that are too big is to fold over and stitch the waistband. You will need a needle and thread in your desired color for this part of the swimsuit bottom. First, take both ends of the elastic band on your swim bottom and bring them together to meet at the center. Next, fold the elastic band in half and pin it together.

Finally, sew the two sides of the elastic band where they meet to keep them together. Once finished, turn your swim bottom inside out to work on the inside of the fabric. Then begin folding over each side of the waistband an inch or two at a time and pinning it together as you go along. Next, sew each edge down as you fold it over, so the swim bottom waistband does not slip for a more customized fit.

10. Tie a Knot:

You can also use the waist tie at the top of your swimsuit bottom to fix swimsuit bottoms that are too big. To do this, wear them as usual and tie a knot at your desired tightness. If you want the knot tighter, pull it until it is too tightened. If you want the knot looser, untie it and re-tie it in a bow or half-knot.

Use the Waist Tie

Some Helpful Tips for Caring Your Swimsuit Bottoms to Keep Them From Sagging

1. After wearing your swimsuit bottoms, rinse them with cold water immediately to remove any excess sunscreen or saltwater.

2. Hang dry your swimsuit bottoms after every use.

3. Fold your swimsuit bottoms to avoid wrinkling and stretching the fabric throughout its life.

4. Use a clothes iron on a low setting to press the swimsuit bottoms if you desire a sharp crease.

5. Hand-wash your swimsuit bottoms in mild detergent and cold water to keep them looking brand new.

6. Before storing, turn your swimsuit bottoms inside and press the fabric to eliminate any wrinkles.

7. Keep your swimsuit bottoms in a clean, dry place like a plastic bag to keep them free of moisture, which can cause the fabric to stretch and lose its shape.

8. Determine what material your swimsuit bottoms are made out of before washing them because different fabrics should be washed differently.

How Do You Stretch The Bottom Of A Bathing Suit

If you have a swimsuit that is only slightly too big, there are probably several simple fixes you can try. This includes using items that you probably already have in your home. First, pour warm water into the bathtub or sink until it is about waist high. Place the part of the swimsuit that is too big into the water and hold it there for 5 to 10 minutes. Then, gently pull on the fabric, stretching it gradually.

Pour Warm Water Into the Bathtub

If that does not work, try using a strong laundry detergent to wash the swimsuit in warm water while it is inside out. Continue doing this five or six times, and you should notice that your suit starts fitting better than before. This method works because it allows the fabric to shrink.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should You Size Up In A Swimsuit?

it depends on a variety of factors, including the type of swimsuit you’re wearing. However, if you’re unsure about whether or not your size is appropriate, it may be best to err on the side of caution and go up a size. This way, you’ll have a better chance of feeling comfortable in the swimsuit and won’t feel self-conscious about your body. Additionally, going up a size will also allow for more room to grow during pregnancy should you choose this route.

Can Swimsuit Bottoms Be Altered?

Swimsuit bottoms can be altered, but it is important to first speak with your tailor about the desired alterations. Some common alterations that may be needed include lengthening or shortening of the pant legs, hemming of the pant bottom edge, and adjusting fit throughout the waistband and hip area. More extreme adjustments such as adding a pocket or changing shapes might also require additional consultations with a tailor.

Do Swimsuits Stretch In Water?

swimsuit stretch differs depending on the brand, fabric, and fit of the swimsuit. That said, some general tips that may help include:

  1. Make sure your swimsuit is fitted properly – If your swimsuit is too tight or too loose, it may stretch out in the water. Be sure to go for a size that fits well and feels comfortable on your body.
  2. Check the fabric – Swimsuits with Lycra or spandex are typically more stretchy than those made from other fabrics.
  3. Don’t wear the swimsuit in direct sunlight or near a heater – These conditions can cause the fabric to become brittle and crack, which would lead to the swimsuit stretching out in the water.
  4. Store your swimsuit in a cool, dry place – Exposure to high temperatures or moisture can cause your swimsuit to stretch out in the water.

Can You Get Swimsuits Tailored?

While it may not be a popular opinion, many people believe that you can actually get swimsuits tailored. This is thanks to the emergence of online tailoring services that allow for the custom-made manufacture of Swimwear, namely Bimini and Bustle.

Bimini offers an extensive range of suits from different designers and sizes to cater to almost any body shape or size. Bustle also offers several categories such as bikinis, one-pieces, and shorty suits that are designed specifically for smaller figures. Additionally, both companies offer free returns so you can try on your suit before purchase if desired.

While these two services may be more expensive than traditional retail stores (where swimsuits tend to overlap in styles), they offer convenience and assurance that your bikini will fit perfectly. So whether you’re looking for something sexy or modestly conservative, Shopping Online might just be the best option!


You may have a swimsuit that you love, but the bottom is too big. There are some quick fixes for this problem, and we’ve detailed them below, so your next beach trip will be perfect! Some solutions include sewing in elastic or using double-sided fashion tape to pull up the excess fabric. We hope this blog post on how to fix swimsuit bottoms that are too big has been helpful to guide you.

These tricks should help keep your bathing suit bottoms from sliding down while you walk on the sand or enjoy an afternoon at the pool. But, if none of those ideas work, it’s time to get creative with other resources like safety pins, hair ties (double knot), bobby pins, and more! Hopefully, one of these methods will make your favorite piece fit better.

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