How to Fix Gap at Top of Garage Door

If you’ve ever owned a home with a garage, then at some point, you’ve probably encountered the issue of having a large gap at the top of the garage door. This can be caused by several things, such as poor installation or settling of the house over time. Fortunately, there are ways how to fix gap at top of garage door without too much trouble.

In this blog post, we’ll explore what causes the gap and how to address it. We’ll also provide some helpful tips on maintaining your garage door so that this issue doesn’t pop up again in the future. So read on for all you need to know about fixing the gap at the top of your garage door!

Summary: Fixing a gap at the top of a garage door can be a frustrating and time-consuming task. There are a few different ways to seal the gap, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks. One solution is to use a rubber gasket. This type of gasket is inserted between the door and the frame, and it helps to create a tighter seal. Another option is to use a fiberglass door sealant. This type of sealant is made of fiberglass strands that are tightly bound together. It helps to create a more watertight seal, and it is less likely to tear or crack.

How to Fix Gap at Top of Garage Door

10 Common Reasons That Causes Gap at Top of Garage Door

1. Improper Door Installation

If your garage door has a gap at the top, it is probably because it was not installed properly. You can fix this by adjusting the height of the door using the screws at the bottom of the door.

2. Misaligned Tracks

If your garage door tracks are misaligned, it may cause a gap. You can fix this problem by realigning the tracks. Use a level to help you adjust the tracks.

3. Bent Tracks

If your garage door tracks are bent, they can cause the door to gap at the top. You can fix this problem by using a hammer to straighten the tracks. Be careful when doing this, as you don’t want to damage the tracks further. Once the tracks are straight, test the door to see if the gap is gone.

4. Malfunctioning Springs

If your garage door isn’t closing properly, it might be because the springs are damaged. To fix this, you’ll need to replace them. First, disconnect the power to the door. Then, use a crescent wrench to loosen the bolts on the spring brackets. Once they’re loose, remove the brackets and old springs. Finally, install the new springs and reattach the brackets.

5. Improper Door Alignment

If your door isn’t aligned properly, it can cause it to gap at the top. This means that there is a space between the door and the frame. To fix this, you’ll need to adjust the door’s alignment. You can do this by manually moving the door up or down until it’s aligned properly. Once it’s aligned, tighten the bolts on the hinges. This will make sure that the door is securely in place.

Door Isn't Aligned Properly

6. Worn Out Door Seal

If the door seal on your garage door is worn out, it can allow air to escape, causing the door to gap at the top. You can replace the seal by removing the screws on the bottom of the door. Next, remove the old seal and replace it with a new one. Finally, reattach the screws to close up the gap.

7. Warped Door Panels

If the panels on your garage door are warped, you will need to fix them before you can install a new door. You can use a blow dryer to heat up the panel and make it more flexible, or use a hammer to gently tap it back into shape. Be careful not to damage the panel any further.

After the panel is back in shape, you can proceed with installing the new door. However, if the panels are too severely warped, you may need to replace them altogether. In this case, you will need to remove the old panels and install new ones before proceeding with the installation of the new door.

8. Malfunctioning Genie Opener

If the Genie opener on your garage door is malfunctioning, it can cause the door to gap at the top. If this is the case, you’ll need to replace the opener. To do this, first, disconnect the power to the opener. Next, remove the cover and disconnect the wires. Finally, install the new opener and reconnect the wires.

9. Damaged Overhead Track

If the overhead track has been damaged, it will need to be replaced. This is not a job that a homeowner can easily do and will require the services of a professional.

Overhead Track Has Been Damaged

10. Damaged Weatherstripping

One possible reason for a gap at the top of your garage door is that the weatherstripping has become damaged or worn. To fix this, you’ll need to replace the weatherstripping. You can buy weatherstripping at most hardware stores.

10 Effective Ways on How to Fix Gap at Top of Garage Door

1. Replace Weather Stripping

The weatherstripping around the bottom of your garage door is probably what’s wearing down and causing the gap. Purchase a new piece of weather stripping and replace it. This is an easy and affordable fix.

2. Add Caulking

If the weather stripping isn’t the issue, then you may need to add Caulking to your garage door. This will help to fill in any gaps and ensure that your door is properly sealed. Caulking can be a quick and easy way to fix the problem, and it’s a solution that will last for a while.

3. Adjust Your Door

If the gap at the top of your garage door is small, you can adjust your door to fix it. First, open the door and loosen the screws or bolts on the hinges. Then, close the door and retighten the screws or bolts.

4. Add a Threshold

If the gap at the top of your garage door is wide and unsightly, you can add a threshold to fix it. A threshold is a piece of hardware that sits at the bottom of your garage door and helps to seal it against the ground. You can buy a threshold at most home improvement stores.

5. Lubricate the Tracks

Use a silicone-based lubricant to help the door open and close smoothly. Apply a small amount to the door track, and then use a soft cloth to spread the lubricant evenly. Make sure not to get any on the door itself, as it could cause it to slip off the track.

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Use Lubricant for Open and Close Smoothly

6. Adjust the Height

If the gap at the top of your garage door is too large, you may need to adjust the height of your door. First, loosen the bolts on the front of your door and slightly raise or lower the door until the gap is gone. Then, tighten the bolts again.

7. Tighten All Screws

After the door is in the correct position, tighten all screws. Make sure the screws are tight enough so that the door does not move. Check to make sure that all screws are tight by pushing and pulling on the door. If it moves, tighten the screws some more.

8. Lubricate the Roller

If your garage door has been used quite a bit, it might be time to lubricate the roller. This can help keep the door functioning smoothly. Apply a light coat of oil or silicone spray to the roller and pivot points.

9. Adjust the Spring Tension

If your garage door is hard to open or close, it might be because the spring tension is too strong or too weak. First, you’ll need to loosen the bolts on the garage door’s springs to adjust the spring tension. You can adjust the tension once the bolts are loose by turning the springs’ adjustment screws.

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10. Test the Door

Once you’ve made all of the necessary adjustments, test the door to ensure it’s working properly. Open and close the door a few times to ensure there’s no more noise or resistance. If everything checks out, you’re good to go!

Some Helpful Tips and Suggestions

Here we have given some tips on how to fix gap at top of garage door

  1. If the weather stripping is still in good condition, remove it and clean both the door and frame surface with a mild detergent. Allow drying completely before reinstalling.
  2. If the new weather stripping is needed, purchase an adhesive-backed type that can be easily trimmed to size.
  3. Carefully peel off the backing and press the weatherstripping down into the gap, ensuring it is securely in place.Press the Weatherstripping Down Into Gap
  4. If there is a light between the door and frame, close the door and check to see if the gap has been eliminated. If not, add or remove some of the weather strippings until it is.
  5. Once the weather stripping is properly installed, check it periodically to ensure it remains in good condition and is still filling the gap properly.
  6. If the weather stripping becomes worn or damaged, replace it as soon as possible.

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Garage door openers come in various shapes and sizes, making finding the right one for your home is challenging. If you have an older garage door opener or if your opener is not working correctly, it may be time to replace it with a newer model. In this blog post, we have shown how to fix gap at top of garage door so that it closes properly.

This is a common problem that can easily be fixed without calling in a professional. The most important part of fixing this issue is ensuring that the door is level. If your door isn’t level, you can use shims to adjust it. Once the door is level, you can add weather stripping to help keep out the cold and rain. We hope this blog post was informative. If you have any questions, then feel free to comment below!

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